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Indi Friday


Sun tanning after some exercise.

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Indi Friday

january-2009-026-2-medium65lb shelled walnut (!)

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Today is the day!


No more w!



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Before I tell you why I will never watch a dog movie again let me give a little background which will humor you by the end of this post. About a week or so ago Donna, SMARTLY, blogged about why she is boycotting the new dog movie. The dog dies at the end of the movie. She talked about another movie that she had seen where the ending was the same which made her cry.  I have not seen the new movie nor was I planning on going to see it, because of the simple knowledge that the dog DIES at the end. So now onto my story:

For the past couple of weeks my friend has kept one of my netflex movies hostage.  In exchange she gave me some movies to watch from her extensive DVD collection. Knowing that I am a dog person she immediately asked me if I had ever seen My Dog Skip.  She was rather horrified that I hadn’t and she sent me home with it saying that I had to see it because it is really cute and as a bonus her husband was a crew member when the movie was shot.  OK! One thing that she conveniently neglected to say was that the G@ddamn movie ends with the dog dying.

I have a reputation for being sensitive and crying during movies that are sad. The end of this movie left me so sad and erased all the funny scenes where I laughed out loud by myself while watching it.  J was home and was having one of his introvert moments hiding in the bedroom and playing on his portable nintendo or whatever it is called.  Unfortunately for him, he joined me during the baseball scene where the stupid kid hits the dog. My eyes welled up and it was a down hill from there. Somewhere between this scene and the end J scooped up Indi onto his lap, a very rare treat because she is not allowed on the couch. So we sat there while he snuggled with her and scratched the back of her ears while I held on to her paw. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I held on to my dog’s paw while watching the movie. You should try it, it is very comforting.

Indi must have been wondering what the hell was going on with me because she was giving me these curious looks as tears were caming down my face.  Indi is not a lap dog at all but this time she just stayed put in J’s lap.  By the time the movie ended we were both crying. So here we are two grown adults crying and I am still holding Indi’s paw.  We both kinda laughed at each other and he says “we are going to be such wrecks in 15 years” followed by something along the lines of “it is going to be hard, you lost it at the vet’s office last year and it was only her hip.” You don’t say, you can read about it all here and here! It is inevitable to think about your own dog’s life and even dare to think about life without her.  Dogs carve out this huge space in your heart and your life is never the same. Frankly, these days I spend more time with her than anyone else. So no, I can’t imagine my life without her.

So all this traumatic experience reminded me of Donna’s post. I went back to the post to leave a comment and say not to ever see this movie. Low and behold it was the same movie…I had forgotten the title, obviously.


On a side note though, I would like to add that the dog was well trained and I was impressed with all that he did. He has nothing on Indi though, she knows how to hold a noise maker AND pose for pictures!!!!

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Indi Friday

january-2009-005-copy-mediumIt is no secret that Indi is treated like a princess in every way.  She has all the comforts in life that a dog could have, I would say she lives a pampered life. There is only one aspect to this pampered life that is not very pampered though…bath time. When we first got her she was being washed every week, no joke, because she just smelled after a few days. It took us a few weeks but we figured out that she smelled because her food was not agreeing with her.  My little baby has a very sensitive stomach and she can’t handle too much fat, so we had to put her on a type of dog food that has a low amount of fat. Once we found the right food for her, an almost $50 $60 a bag holistic delicacy made with trout and sweet potatoes, everything fell into place nicely.  So nowadays she gets a bath once a month.

Bath time is nothing fancy. It is as simple as “hose meet Indi. Indi meet hose.” We usually wash her in the back yard as she shivers out of fear that the water might bite her or something.  All this is well during most months when it is nice outside. But in the past couple of months it has been cold.  So Indi and I have been rebelling against the house rules and I have been washing her in our bathroom.  She still shivers and I have way too much fun blow drying her!!!

I think the picture above says it all: “Mommy, can I get out now? Are we done yet? I don’t like this. Is it really necessary to take pictures now??”

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Dog Humor


Does this look familiar to the rest of you dog owners???

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Indi Friday

Late….for the first time in a year I forgot to post Indi Friday.


Mmmm warm water!

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Woman sits on man’s lap while chatting together for a whole 1 minute.

Woman: “OK I am getting up, your breath smells life farty cabbage.”

As woman gets up man says under his breath although loud enough to be heard: “I should make cabbage more often.”

Woman: “Punk. I am going to blog about that.”

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First Gathering of the New Year


We had an International New Year’s Day Potluck party on January first. It was nice to see the friends who were able to make it and we ate some really delicious food. Above is a little collage of some of the delicious food consumed.

We had a great time and maybe we will make a yearly event out of it. Our friends started showing up at about noon and our last guest left at about 11pm. It was so much fun!

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Indi Friday


Duh… I’m kiNda DrUNk!

The above picture was sent to me last night by Mr. B.

Based on the subject line of the email, which I have copied and pasted underneath the picture, I suspect that it was taken just after I gave Indi some beer during our gathering yesterday.  Awesome picture!

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