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Indi Friday

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Here is miss Indi dressed up as Pocahontas living up to her full name Indiana. She was named as an homage to Native Americans. The word Indiana in Italian means female Indian and after doing some internet research I found out that it also means land of Indians in one of the Native American languages.

And here is Charlie:

Dressed up as a cowboy.

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About a month ago J and I went for a wine tasting event at Off The Wine here in Pedro. The wines were Croatian and they also had some delicious chevapchichi (Croatian kuftahs or meatballs) and bread on hand as appetizers.  Both the chevapchichi and the bread were out of this world delicious.

We decided that we had to go and check the place where this delicious food came from. The actual place is a whole in the wall and the only available sitting is outside.  Let me tell you, this is the best hole in the wall in San Pedro for both food and hospitality. The owner Danny is very friendly and he is the person who will take your order and bring it to you if you are sitting outside. He and his wife work very hard everyday and the results are fantastic.

The menu above is what they have so far. The first time we went there we ordered the Croatian Pizza and cabbage roles which were both delicious. The pizza dough is by far the best I have had since moving here to the US. It is thin and crispy just like in Italy.

We just went there a couple of days ago for lunch and we both ordered the Plyeskavitza, which is a patty served in the homemade brick over bread with peppers, tomatoes, lettuce and garlic sauce. OH MY GOD! SOOOOOOO GOOOD! The coolest thing is that Danny actually made it for us while we waited.

Pavich’s Brick Oven Pizzeria is a must have. I officially declair it to have the best Pizza in Los Angeles. And lucky for us it is walking distance from us!

Pavich’s Brick Oven Pizzeria
2311 Alma St.
San Pedro, CA 90731

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Indi Friday

We have already established that Indi is a fantastic swimmer, this past weekend we discovered that she can play soccer too!

We took Indi once again with us to a family gathering. She had a great time playing with Lil’ P, who a year ago was very intimidated by her and did not come close. What you see in this video is a HUGE improvement. The two had a great time playing together…well Indi had a great time taking his soccer ball away!

Play close attention at what happens at what happens at around 0:48! 🙂

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The LA Times ran an article about the hard working dish washers and line cooks in the LA area restaurants. Anyone who has ever worked at a restaurant knows how hard these guys work for very little money. It is great to see them transition in the more prestigious positions! To read the article click here

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I just realized today that we have reached a little milestone here: 100 posts since Aglio & Olio first appeared in the Internet world. WOW for me, I didn’t think I would actually accomplish this, granted the majority of the posts are about Indi. It’s all good though, my mom gets to keep track of Indi’s growth from the other side of the planet and probably grow more anxious about meeting her. The poor dog is feared and she has yet to meet her maternal grandmother!

Anyway, something cool happened today. J and I went to pick up our marriage license at the LAX courthouse, which by the way, is a nice looking building right where the 405 and 105 meet.  In front of us there was a gay couple who were waiting for the same thing. I felt all warm and fuzzy inside when I saw the excitement on their face.  They only do civil ceremonies on Fridays, but apprently, in light of the elections they decided to add another day to allow those interested in getting married before the election. I thought that was cool — I am keeping my fingers crossed!

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Indi Friday

Moving around the bathroom at times is a little challenging given that a little someone loves to lounge on the bathroom rug. So for yours truly there is a lot of stepping over the dog while trying to wash my hands or brush my teeth! J, on the other hand, just throws her out!

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I feel compelled to post the follow email I received. I have never met Celeste because we don’t live in the same city, however, I have heard so much about her.  I am very fond of her mother as she is a dear friend and I consider her family.

I have been blessed to grow up in a non-sheltered environment and have friends from different walks of life. One thing has always been very clear to me, in the matters of love one can’t choose based on race, religion, ethnicity, color, or gender.  I believe that a love based on who fits the right category is not true love but conditional love. I also believe that the more we categorize ourselves, the more we drive ourselves apart from each other.

I think people should be free to be and marry whomever they want because such a decision must be based on love.

I hope Celeste’s candid words will prompt you to think about the importance of voting no on preposition 8 in California.

Dear Friends
My daughter Celeste, who is 35, wrote this letter and wishes to have me forward it to my friends. Some of you know her and will recognize the voice of the lovely woman she is, some do not know her, but can imagine that having her as  my daughter is a gift.
You might not agree with her, but I must say her words ooze with gentleness.
Please feel free to forward it .
May you vote wisely

Dear Family-

I wanted to reach out to you in these 30 days before the upcoming
election.  These are my original words.  I am not following the directive
of a letter-writing campaign led by another organization.  I am following
my own personal directive to let you know how your vote on this issue not
only affects thousands of Californian families, but how it will affect me,
and thus, how it will affect OUR FAMILY – the

Proposition 8 calls for a state constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.
Same-sex marriage was recently made legal in California by a State Supreme
Court decision this last spring, making our state one of two (including
Massachusetts) that grant this right.  Soon after the decision was handed
down and made into law, opponents of same-sex marriage mobilized to put
Proposition 8 on the November ballot.  This is a contraversial and
polarizing issue.

I am blessed to have so much family in California.  I know that we may not
all agree on politics and on social or ethical issues, but I know that we
are all intelligent and compassionate, and I know that I love you all very

Here’s how Proposition 8 affects me, and how it affects us all.  As most
of you know, I have been in loving relationships with women in the past.
I also have been in loving relationships with men.  Take it from me – the
love is the same.  The commitment is the same.  The responsibilities are
the same.  The compassion is the same.  The problems are the same.  Two
men or two women cannot “naturally procreate”, but more and more so,
same-sex couples have children, and provide for them as heterosexual
couples do.

Mom and Dad raised me outside of any church, but within a household of
strong ethics.  When I was growing up, I didn’t know all that many gay
people, and those that I did know (all men) seemed destined to perpetual
bachelorhood – they didn’t seem quite “real”, and it was so easy to think
that they were different and strange.  It was only in University that I
became more aware of my capacity to love both men and women, and that I
thus became aware of the fundamental equality in loving either sex.

We are alive at a time when not only are gays, lesbians and bisexuals more
visible in society, but with that visibility, comes an acknowledgement
that like the rest of heterosexual society, we are complex, nuanced people
who cannot simply be defined by our sexual preferences.

We are just as able to be smart or stupid, bad or good, selfless or greedy
as anyone else in society.  We’ll be just as competent (or incompetent) at
handling the responsibilities of marriage.  We’ll be just as good (or as
bad) at parenting, and at taking responsibility for our spouse’s families.
If we are not given the right to marry, we will never have the full
resources to provide for and to protect our families.

Some of my family may have moral convictions against homosexuality.  I do
not know for sure since I have only had the opportunity to share this part
of my life with some of you.  I dont want to strong-arm you into dropping
your convictions.  Just recognize that someone in our family (myself) has
loved people of the same sex, and feels no different from her friends and
family for it.  I am proud to be who I am, and will be even more proud if
I know that you love me for who I am.

Rather, I want to encourage those of you who have moral reservations
against homosexuality to not take your convictions out at the ballot box.
If you vote for banning same-sex marriage, you are voting for government
intrusion on individuals’ privacy.  You are affirming the State’s “right”
to enforce a moral agenda that is not universal to all religions.  This,
in my mind, violates the fundamental separation of Church and State in
this country.

I would like for this e-mail or letter to reach all of the family in this
State.  Please feel free to forward to whomever I have missed, especially
if they are a California voter, or to pass this along to others.  Also,
please feel free to respond to me.  If you disagree with my position, I am
able to listen to your side with compassion.  I hope that if you are a
registered California voter, that you will vote NO on Propostion 8 in
November.  Regardless of what you do, I will always love you!

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Celeste XXXX

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Long overdue post

Meet Cowboy

Meet Tess

I have to be honest and say that this post is long overdue. I have been meaning to post about these two cuties for a while, but I would always forget to take my camera when we went to the doggy park to take pictures of them.I had plenty of opportunities when they came over for Indi Day…even though they are not into being photographed like my spoiled dog.

They belong to Donna who is also one of the authors of the South Bay Pets blog. I used to read the blog before we even met. It was pretty neat to meet her in person. We had been chatting for a while before I knew who she was. Anyway, Donna has been kind enough to feature Indi on her blog a few times.

Our time at the doggy park is always the same. We go in and if Donna is there, Indi has no interest in anyone else. She plants herself right in front of Donna waiting for her to throw the ball –Tess’ ball to be precise.  So begins the the orange ball fetching.  I feel bad because it seems as though Indi gets to the ball first pretty often. The irony is as follows. If Tess brings the ball back, she drops it on the ground for Donna, runs back and waits for her to throw the ball. Indi on the other hand, just sits in front of Donna waiting for her to throw the ball. Here is the funny thing, even though Tess is hanging out in the area where the ball will land, Indi ends up bringing it back. Little Brat!

As this goes on Cowboy, one of the COOLEST dogs you will ever meet with the coolest name, just hangs out on his own going around the park. He then magically shows up when the ball has been brought back. He usually stands just behind Indi and sometimes nibbles on her ear. He will bark if Donna takes too long to throw the ball. Here is the funny thing, he has no interest in fetching the ball.  It’s all about the initial excitement of it all.

These two are by far my favorite dogs at the San Pedro Dog park where we met each other.  They are the only dogs that actually acknowledge me and come to me to say hello. Since they are super friendly and loving they get some serious affection from me too. Tess is just sweet sweet sweet and very affectionate. Cowboy is just mr. cool, the cool guy that you want to be friends with and hang out. Last but not least, Donna is simply awesome. I can’t give her a nickname because her blog is listed on my blog roll and don’t want to take away from that. But if I were to give her a nickname it would be The Lady Journalist.

Here is a video of little Tess hopping around. She recently broke her toe and has been sporting a cast. The current one used to be purple…

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October 12 = Indi Day

It was exactly one year ago when we adopted Indi. She was delivered by the rescue group that we got her from on a sunny Friday, October 12, 2007. She was 5 months old at the time and just plain adorable. We had a choice between her and a brindle pit-bull. I was given the hard choice of deciding between the two. When we met both dogs, I spent most of my time with Indi and talked to one of her foster parents. She had spent one month with them and they loved her very much. The only reason they decided not to adopt was because she is a high energy dog and they wanted a mellower dog. J was concerned that I could not handle walking her when she became full grown which they said might be as heavy as 80 pounds.

I picked Indi. There was something about her. Her face was just adorable and she sounded like she would be a good companion.  When she was delivered to our house she came in hurriedly through the front gate and came up to me, licked my toes as she growled, and then went up to J, who was sitting on the steps and licked his face with much excitement.

We went out to buy her some food, and then off we went to the park.  We then came home, gave her a bath and brought her inside the house.  The first time we put her in her crate that evening and closed the door she cried. We worked with her so she would recognize it as a safe place for her to be in by giving her treats and lots of praise. It worked, she slept just fine in her crate that night.

From the very beginning she had her few favorite places to lounge around the house: under the coffee table, her crate, and on the bathroom rug.

It is amazing what a long way we all have come in the past year. When she came to us she had two bold spots on top of her head –we were told she was bit by something and the hair would grow back.  She also had a huge red spot which looked rather irritated and balding on her neck where the collar was.  You can actually see that in the first picture above which was taken the day after we got her. She also had worms in her stool. I thought it was odd since the rescue had picked her up when she was one week old and therefore, had her for five months.

The first week she was here she growled at a lot of people. But she was just fine with us. She seemed to adapt to us rather quickly.

It only took a couple of weeks for her hair to grow back and for the red spot to go away thanks to a cream that we were given after we went to the vet. It took us months to find a type of food that didn’t bother her stomach. She has a very sensitive stomach and can’t handle too much fat in her diet. She is currently on a holistic brand based on trout and sweet potato.  She has been doing rather well on it.

We love having her, she goes everywhere with us. She has been such a blessing and I could not imagine life without her. Truth be told she has taught me so much about trust. It was intimidating at first for me to stick my hand in her mouth or do anything that might set her off. But the thing is that she is so patient and she will let you do anything to her. She is very tolerant and gentle. She has taught me to trust her and that she would never hurt me. Basically, I trust you, you can trust me too mama!

So today in honor of miss Indi we threw a little BBQ and invited her few close friends. I made the invitations with two different pictures of Indi in the front and the wording in the back which were then sent out to her little friends.

The first one to arrive was Tucker, then came Charlie. However, after about 20 minutes of trying to make Tucker and Charlie play nice, Mr. Ocifer took Charlie home.  He was not collaborating today.  Soon after Cowboy and Tess arrived.  Everyone got along just fine playing around the yard or just hanging out with us while we had a nice lunch.  I am bummed that Charlie didn’t get to stay, but as always, it was nice hanging out with Mr. Ocifer, Miss Witty, and Mr. B. It was also very nice to have Cowboy, Tess, and their mama Donna over for the first time. Hopefully, they will visit us again soon!

Donna and I tried to take a picture of Indi, Cowboy and Tess together, but it turned out to be a rather difficult task. But the above picture came out rather well. Indi is patiently sitting waiting for me to take the picture while Cowboy and Tess were not really interested. Do you people believe me when I say Indi is a natural born model?

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Broken Toothsie

I have no idea how and when it happened. I noticed it on Monday when we were playing ball. I am bummed, my perfect little dog! She seems to be doing ok though, has not slowed her down nor is she disinterested in food.

Anyone know anything about broken teeth?

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