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Next time someone asks me where I live, my answer will be” I live in H8fornia.”

I came up with the word this morning as I was listening to NPR waiting for the H8fornia Suprime Court to further take away people’s civil rights. But the small victory is that at least those who got married will remain married.

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Indi Friday

February 2009 089 (Medium)

I am such a poser!

News Flash: If you think Indi or her friend Charlie are cute dogs and you want to adopt a dog, then you should go and visit the San Pedro Animal Shelter.  There is a mini Charlie, no joke! There are also many AmStaffs like Indi.

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Indi Friday

May 2009 086 (Medium)

Can life get any better than this? Spread out Lounging on the bed…seriously, who does this dog think she is? A pricess or something?  One thing is for sure, she is a bed hawg.  She may go to sleep in a vertical position but somewhere down the line she goes horizontal and takes over the bed.  🙂

I took the picture above yesteday. J was sitting in bed with his labtop and she was just spread out looking out the window.

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While walking by a Color Me Mine store.

Woman: “Have you ever been to this store?”

Man: “No” said with a tone as if “you are crazy woman why would I go in there?”

Woman: “We should try it out one day. Maybe we could make it into a date. You know we should do that. Go out on dates. This would be a fun date.”

Man: “We have plenty of dates. We don’t need anymore.”

Woman: “We do???”

Man: “Yes! In the fridge we have plenty of dates left over from our gathering.”

Woman: “You are such a punk. But that was a good one smarta**.”

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Indi Friday

may-2009-017-2-copy1You may wonder what happened to Indi Friday in the past month…we have been away…far away from San Pedro, Los Angeles, and United States.  J and I went on an awesome month long adventure to Europe.  While we were exploring Europe Miss Indi spent her days and nights in fine company: with her boyfriend Charlie.

may-2009-060-2These two have grown even closer during the past month, I can’t tell you all how many times I have caught them sharing the same space somewhat cuddled together. This is something that never happened before.

The day after we got back Charlie came over because Mr. Oficer and Miss Witty left town for a few days.  As you can see we do our exchanges rather fast around here!!!

So this Friday May 1st was Indi’s birthday and she turned two.  My little baby is two, which means she is now a teenager. So help us God!  This is what she looked like two years ago:

baby-indiOh how I wished I had met her when she was that little. Well here she is now on her second birthday, all grown up and big!!

may-2009-053-mediumI must say I was impressed that the store that I bought her birthday treat from last year called to wish her a happy birthday. We went back there to buy the three treats in this picture. Aren’t they cute?


I first picked the pink bone for Indi and the dog in the tuxedo for Charlie.  I then thought I need something to put a candle in and I got the pink muffin which they shared the following day.

may-2009-047-mediumJust in case you were wondering she was easy to deal with during the picture taking process. By now she is used to her crazy mama who takes a trillion pictures of her. Yes, she is a poser! The other one, the one with doggie ADD, on the other hand was a handful and I must say I was actually proud of him for sitting there long enough and not diving head first for the treats.

may-2009-059-mediumAnd in this picture, don’t you think for one second that Mr. Piggy didn’t try to walk towards Indi and try to snag the treat from her nose. Too bad I am smarter than he is and he knows better than pull a fast one on me.  With all his mischievous shenanigans he is such a lovable ham.  All you hear when you walk by him or even look at him is the bang bang of his tail on the hardwood floor. Yeah, ham is the right word with beautiful eyes that look at you all lovingly and begging you to pet him.

may-2009-060-3Can you resist this face?


Or this one for that matter!

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