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Happy Halloween

October 2009 096 (Small)
Happy Halloween Everyone!

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Indi Friday

Such a stylish dog!

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Today is the day!


No more w!



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Indi Friday

january-2009-005-copy-mediumIt is no secret that Indi is treated like a princess in every way.  She has all the comforts in life that a dog could have, I would say she lives a pampered life. There is only one aspect to this pampered life that is not very pampered though…bath time. When we first got her she was being washed every week, no joke, because she just smelled after a few days. It took us a few weeks but we figured out that she smelled because her food was not agreeing with her.  My little baby has a very sensitive stomach and she can’t handle too much fat, so we had to put her on a type of dog food that has a low amount of fat. Once we found the right food for her, an almost $50 $60 a bag holistic delicacy made with trout and sweet potatoes, everything fell into place nicely.  So nowadays she gets a bath once a month.

Bath time is nothing fancy. It is as simple as “hose meet Indi. Indi meet hose.” We usually wash her in the back yard as she shivers out of fear that the water might bite her or something.  All this is well during most months when it is nice outside. But in the past couple of months it has been cold.  So Indi and I have been rebelling against the house rules and I have been washing her in our bathroom.  She still shivers and I have way too much fun blow drying her!!!

I think the picture above says it all: “Mommy, can I get out now? Are we done yet? I don’t like this. Is it really necessary to take pictures now??”

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This morning the orginal post that I published last night was met with a somewhat sarcastic “Nice post.” I was told that my “tone analysis” was way off base and it was not at all accurate. Well, that’s why I came up with the genius TONE analysis.  So I encouraged J to write his own version of how things took place to post along with mine.

So below is J’s version:

Standing in the dairy aisle at Costco:

Woman: “They don’t have mozzarella. We can just use the other cheese we have at home.”

Man: “Yeah we can go through the ones we have and get it next time we are here. We have plenty of cheese at home anyway. Is that OK?”

Woman: “Sounds good. Yeah we do have enough at home.”

Half hour later at TJ’s while checking out:

Woman: “You got Mozzarella.”

Man: “Yeah, I’ve got it covered. I remembered.” Said with great pride with much emphasis on the “I” parts while pointing to self. Actual thoughts: ‘See I pay attention to what you say and try to remember what we are shopping for.’

Woman: “I just thought we were gonna go through the ones we had at home.”

Man: “Oh.” Pause.  “That’s right.” Actual thought: ‘DOH!!  It looks like I don’t pay attention or remember what we are shopping for. ‘

Woman: “I am so glad YOU had it all covered!” Chuckles. Giggles.

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New WordPress Stuff

I would like to say that I had an angry reaction a few days ago when I saw the new and improved dashboard. This is the second time that it has completely changed during the past year that I have been blogging.

I have been figuring this whole thing out and adapting to the change. It started to grow on me and I now like the whole design so much better. You know what makes it awesome? The fact that you can customize the dashboard.

The whole QuickPress thing is not to shabby either…for short posts like this! 🙂

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I did it. As of right now, this moment on November 30th at 12:50 am I have 50,135 words. I did it! I am officially one of the winners at NaNoWriMo!! WOOOHOOO!!

Today it was marathon writing. I started with 40,000 words and my butt was attached to my chair all day. I am so excited and I just can’t hide it!!!

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