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Photo Courtesy of Sunset Magazine

So exciting! Sunset Magazine talks about San Pedro, CA


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Next time someone asks me where I live, my answer will be” I live in H8fornia.”

I came up with the word this morning as I was listening to NPR waiting for the H8fornia Suprime Court to further take away people’s civil rights. But the small victory is that at least those who got married will remain married.

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Before I tell you why I will never watch a dog movie again let me give a little background which will humor you by the end of this post. About a week or so ago Donna, SMARTLY, blogged about why she is boycotting the new dog movie. The dog dies at the end of the movie. She talked about another movie that she had seen where the ending was the same which made her cry.  I have not seen the new movie nor was I planning on going to see it, because of the simple knowledge that the dog DIES at the end. So now onto my story:

For the past couple of weeks my friend has kept one of my netflex movies hostage.  In exchange she gave me some movies to watch from her extensive DVD collection. Knowing that I am a dog person she immediately asked me if I had ever seen My Dog Skip.  She was rather horrified that I hadn’t and she sent me home with it saying that I had to see it because it is really cute and as a bonus her husband was a crew member when the movie was shot.  OK! One thing that she conveniently neglected to say was that the G@ddamn movie ends with the dog dying.

I have a reputation for being sensitive and crying during movies that are sad. The end of this movie left me so sad and erased all the funny scenes where I laughed out loud by myself while watching it.  J was home and was having one of his introvert moments hiding in the bedroom and playing on his portable nintendo or whatever it is called.  Unfortunately for him, he joined me during the baseball scene where the stupid kid hits the dog. My eyes welled up and it was a down hill from there. Somewhere between this scene and the end J scooped up Indi onto his lap, a very rare treat because she is not allowed on the couch. So we sat there while he snuggled with her and scratched the back of her ears while I held on to her paw. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I held on to my dog’s paw while watching the movie. You should try it, it is very comforting.

Indi must have been wondering what the hell was going on with me because she was giving me these curious looks as tears were caming down my face.  Indi is not a lap dog at all but this time she just stayed put in J’s lap.  By the time the movie ended we were both crying. So here we are two grown adults crying and I am still holding Indi’s paw.  We both kinda laughed at each other and he says “we are going to be such wrecks in 15 years” followed by something along the lines of “it is going to be hard, you lost it at the vet’s office last year and it was only her hip.” You don’t say, you can read about it all here and here! It is inevitable to think about your own dog’s life and even dare to think about life without her.  Dogs carve out this huge space in your heart and your life is never the same. Frankly, these days I spend more time with her than anyone else. So no, I can’t imagine my life without her.

So all this traumatic experience reminded me of Donna’s post. I went back to the post to leave a comment and say not to ever see this movie. Low and behold it was the same movie…I had forgotten the title, obviously.


On a side note though, I would like to add that the dog was well trained and I was impressed with all that he did. He has nothing on Indi though, she knows how to hold a noise maker AND pose for pictures!!!!

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Woman sits on man’s lap while chatting together for a whole 1 minute.

Woman: “OK I am getting up, your breath smells life farty cabbage.”

As woman gets up man says under his breath although loud enough to be heard: “I should make cabbage more often.”

Woman: “Punk. I am going to blog about that.”

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Another year has gone by closing yet another chapter for me. There are many things that I am thankful for. There were also many wonderful and memorable events that happened this past year. In a chronological order:

  1. Visiting Death Valley with J and Indi
  2. Visiting June Lake a couple of times
  3. Being credited back $150 by Amex for a bogus damage charge by the lodge
  4. Nosh Cafe
  5. Canoing down Colorado River and camping half way
  6. Meeting Mr. Ocifer and Charlie
  7. Passing the dreaded Comprehensive Exam
  8. Making it through Pedagogical Grammar
  9. All that I learned from Dr. P
  10. Completing my MA in English
  11. Not being kicked out of the graduation ceremony for decorating my cap
  12. The perplexed look on our school’s president’s face when she looked at my cap as she handed me my diploma
  13. Indi’s First birthday
  14. Celebrating my graduation and J’s birthday with a gathering of family and friends
  15. A sauced professor, who shall remain nameless, hugging and grabbing J’s butt
  16. Meeting Donna, Cowboy, & Tess
  17. HM’s birthday *surprise guest* who never belly danced for us and his subsequent participation in our gatherings
  18. A few trips to Idyllwild
  19. Hyper Blue
  20. New awesome windows
  21. The wonderful students that I taught ESL to in El Segundo for 10 weeks
  22. Walks and chats with Barb
  23. Day trips to Matilija Creek including Charlie’s suicide attempt
  24. 2 night backpacking trip to Matilija Creek
  25. Indi the swimmer
  26. Finally receiving my diploma in the mail after administrative issues
  27. Awesome nights spent at the Hollywood Bowl
  28. Yearly camping trip to Catalina Island
  29. Volunteer work
  30. Being allowed to do Independent Study for the two classes that were canceled
  31. Povich’s Pizzeria
  32. Basic photography class at EC
  33. Editing An Experienced Resolution
  34. Almost getting kicked out of the Republican rally for wearing Obama pins and taking notes
  35. Indi Day
  36. Stuffed peppers and Jalapeños with cream cheese
  37. NaNoWriMo
  38. President Obama
  39. November 07, 2008
  40. Barb’s delicious sweets
  41. Nikon D60
  42. The failed jewelry sale
  43. All the comedy shows that we went to
  44. My ipod so I can watch all the cooking podcasts
  45. This American Life
  46. The Story
  47. All HM gatherings
  48. The fabulous Ms. CS
  49. Bread & Tulips
  50. Olive Oil, Garlic, Salt, Pepper, and Broth

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Standing in the dairy aisle at Costco:

Woman: “They don’t have mozzarella. We can just use the other cheese we have at home.”

Man: “Yeah we can go through the ones we have and get it next time we are here. We have plenty of cheese at home anyway. Is that OK?”

Woman: “Sounds good. Yeah we do have enough at home.”

Half hour later at TJ’s while checking out:

Woman: “You got Mozzarella.”

Man: “Yes, I’ve got it covered. I remembered!” Said with great pride with much emphasis on the “I” parts while pointing to self. Tone analysis: I remembered and you didn’t. You have no faith in me. I am not useless. I remembered. I am “da” man! Na na na na na na!

Woman: “I just thought we were gonna go through the ones we had at home.”

Man: “Oh.” Pause.  “That’s right.” Tone analysis: crap, I thought I had her. God dang it.

Woman: “I am so glad YOU had it all covered!” Chuckles. Giggles. Thinks to self: this is what happens when men think they have it all under control.

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I can’t believe it is December already. It was like yesterday when 2008 began. December has always been a crazy month for me.  This is because I have always had to get ready for finals and then go shopping for Christmas gifts.

Now shopping may be fun for some, but it is not really my thing. It also becomes even less appealing when you have to buy 20+ presents in such a short amount of time.  The problem is that I always end up agonizing about what to get people and whether they will like it or not.

Christmas was so much more fun when I was a kid. The whole mystery about Santa Clause, writing him a letter and telling  him what I wanted, the decorating of the tree, the excitement in the air when you went out, the street decorations, the smell of winter and the roasted chestnuts.

I have vague Christmas memories as a child. The first one that I remember didn’t include a tree and waking up to wrapped presents.  I was actually in Iran and I remember my grandmother having hid some little toys around the living room. I looked for them with much excitement. I found them stashed away behind the cushions on the couch. They were simple things, like a pencil sharpener, colorful pencils, and other simple little things. So simple, yet it left an everlasting impression on me, I still remember 30 years later.

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“I can’t find my pink sports bra. Have you seen it?”

“Yeah, I needed some support the other day and used it.” Said with a sarcastic tone.

“Yeah right! My bra would be too big for you.” Checks the size of the man’s chest, “yeah, too big, your boobies are just the right size for a training bra!”

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What does this video make you think?

Right now, just at the end of this video I think about:

  • The amzing growth of technology in the past few decades and where it is headed in the future
  • As someone who is involved and interested in Education the state of our education here in the US really worries me in a sense that we will not be able to keep up with the intelligence and opportunities that children from other nations will bring to the table. The continuous budget cuts will further hurt the educational core of this country.

What do YOU think?

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Protesters for No on Prop 8 have been very vocal since the day after the elections.  There was an article in the LA Times yesterday about the protesters targeting El Coyote Mexican Restaurant. You can click here to read about it.

I personally think this is a classic example of “don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”  I used to live down the street from El Coyote before I moved to the South Bay. The aformationed restaurant is located in West Hollywood.  I went there a couple of times, and let me tell you, their food is plain bad Americanized Mexican food. Let me repeat myself, BAD FOOD which by the way costs a lot of money. So recapping: you go eat bad Mexican food and pay lots of money for it. Did we get that out of the way?

Yet the place is very popular and is always packed. Why is that? I have no idea but celebrities are known to hang out there as well; It is just the place to go. One of the two times I went there one of the actors from Buffy was there with his twin brother. They were both flirting with a girl that was sitting with them and all three were drunk. Which brings me to the next point. The drinks are supposed to be good. Frankly, I didn’t like either of them and the place was too pretentious for yours truly.

In case you were wondering, there are many from the gay and lesbian community and from West Hollywood who frequent this establishment.  I am not saying that harrassing the costumers is OK by the protesters, but what I like to know is: why bite the hand that feeds you?  If you are going to donate money to a controvertial issue such as this, then why not be smart about it and do it anonimously instead of insult a good portion of your costumers? Not to mention taking business away from your parents’ restaurant and financially hurt the rest of your co-workers? All of that for a lousy $100.

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