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Indi Friday

Want to know how to keep a kid, a teenager, two adults, AND a dog entertained all at once? Then you need to watch this video:

I think this is the most fun Indi has had so far at our family gatherings. It doesn’t stop there, there is more!

Oh no, someone has invaded Indi’s traveling crate who can it be? What is going on in there?

My adorable teenage cousin DD, who is growing up way to fast and will be taller than me any day now, found himself a safe place to hang out away from the rest of us. It was all good until Indi noticed him and decided to join him inside, with plenty of support and encouragement by the rest of us by standers!

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Oh how I LOVE homemade burgers, they are just so good. I had some left over ground beef, pesto, and mozzarella, and decided to make homemade burgers. What makes these burgers the ultimate burgers you ask? There is a little surprise in the middle. I mixed the ground beef with some fresh diced red onions, garlic, and seasoned with salt and pepper. The surprise part was shredded mozzarella cheese mixed with the pesto which I put in the middle of each burger. Then I grilled them on Georgie. YUUUMMMYYYY! Yet another fast and delicious meal on Georgie!

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I bought a sewing machine because I decided that the price that they charge you for curtains is ridiculous and it is hard to find fabric that you really like as curtains. So we decided that we would make our own by finding a fabric that we liked and take it from there. There have also been times when I really wished that I had a sewing machine in the past. The time was right and I gave myself a graduation present. This is a cool machine which comes with 70 different stitches. So I went to work and my first project was a bandanna for Tucker. Indi got one too since I had some left over material.

Then I decided to get ambitious and make a homemade gift for my mom’s cousin’s bday. I made him the linen napkins above. The project took me for EVER. I first cut the linen in squares, then I folded the edges and went over them with the iron to make them stay in place, sewed the edges and then used a different stitch for each napkin to keep things fun. I love the tread that I used, it is very fun and colorful.

Overall, it was a rather nerve racking project. I had to focus a lot to make sure that whatever I did was in a straight line and that it came out nice. It took me a good 5-6 hours for the whole project, made a few mistakes along the way, and learned plenty from my mistakes and from J who apparently took a sewing class in high school ( SO FREAKING sexy, a man that knows how to work a sewing machine!).

I was actually pretty impressed with myself because the end result was decent and more than anything it was a homemade gift made with lots of love!! I must say though I learned the ironing part from a blog when I did some research on the internet. I love this blogging business, it has given creative people the opportunity to showcase their creations and share them with the rest of the world! Along the way it has also given us an opportunity to learn from each other.

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Indi Friday

Last Friday was truly an Indi Friday! That’s because we went to the beach for a couple of hours. Us humans took our lunch with us while the spoiled dog had a blast with her Chuckit Frisbee and ball.

The amazing thing about going to this beach is the fact that the first couple of times that we took Indi there she was scared of the water and the sound of the waves. The first time she actually run away from us and sprinted back up the cliff almost giving the both of us a heart attack. When this happened we had only had Indi for maybe three weeks. Fortunately, by the time J ran up and went back the same way we had come down, Indi came to him when he called for her. phew!

A few months later we tried our luck again and went to a different part of the beach and she still was scared and not into getting her paws wet. So this time around we brought along her favorite toy and much to our amazement Indi was running in the surf after her frisbee, getting wet all over, and running all over the place. It was AWESOME. We were seriously bewildered by the sudden fearlessness of little miss Indi!

PS. This post is dedicated to Josh. We went where snobby people don’t want us to go and had a great time!!! I have no doubts we will do it more often during hot days! Are we talking about the same place?

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I was addicted the first time I came across the website Taste Spotting. To my horror it is now gone. There is only a note on the website saying that because of legal matters the site has been shut down. Tragedy….where are we all gonna go for some food porn now????

Anyway, while surfing the other day on Taste Spotting I was inspired by a post and I wanted to create my own version. I had an eggplant in my fridge which needed to be eaten so I went to work and created the master piece above:

Eggplant, Mozzarella, Tomato, and Basil Sauce Stack

I sliced and placed the eggplant in water and salt for about an hour. J marinated the eggplant in oil, balsamic vinegar, and rosemary over night.

This morning I started with the Basil Sauce which is basically a pesto without the pine nuts. I grilled the eggplants on Georgie and in the mean time sliced the mozzarella and tomatoes.

Once the eggplants were ready I spread some of the Basil Sauce on the plate, placed a slice of eggplant, built up with the mozzarella and tomatoes. I added some of the Basil sauce between each layer. I finished by placing some fresh basil on top of the stack and around the plate.

Note that I didn’t not season the layers as I was building them because my Basil sauce was on the salty side since I added a bit more salt than needed and combined with the Parmesan cheese it was more salty than I wanted it to be. Anyway, the results were very very yummy!!!

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Indi Friday

I don’t really know what this pose should be called…perhaps one of the following:

– I have no shame

– Bunny pose

– Tennis ball in mouth while posing shamelessly

_ Indi’s playdog pose


I took a power nap with Indi yesterday afternoon. I took a pillow and joined her on her bed in our living room. When I got up I forgot to take the pillow with me. A few hours later I came across the scene below:

Sleeping curled up with her head on the pillow. Oh this spoiled loved dog!

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So I called a credit card company Sunday afternoon because I needed them to send over a letter for a parental issue that I had mentioned before. I have to admit, this portion of this post belongs to a much longer post which I wrote, but then changed my mind about publishing. Maybe I will some day, but here is the tail end of it which is pretty funny in the skim of things.

I spoke with “Amanda,” clearly from India with love, who spoke a mile a minute. I have no idea what the heck she said. I presume it doesn’t matter as long as the bloody letter is sent to the verified address.

For the love of God people, we all speak English with different accents, so maybe it would be helpful if there is a bit of slowing down in the speech department, you know so we all can make sure that we understand each other. Maybe down shift, to oh lets say 3/4 of a mile a minute….cause you know we don’t interact with people with an Indian accent here on a regular basis so we don’t have the accent down, YET. But we will though. To think of it, I have no issues understanding my friends SK and SG who are both from India. We do just fine, the only thing I suppose is that they don’t speak a mile a minute.

Somehow I have a feeling that one of these days when we call 411 or 911 we will be connected to India or the Philippines. I can just see calling 911 for a shooting in front of my house and speaking with a dispatcher in India who is going to contact the LAPD in San Pedro…lets just hope that there is no miscommunication while the info flies from Pedro to India and then back to Pedro. As far as 411 goes, thank God for goog411 and their robot who speaks American English.

Am I alone to think that this is so freaking annoying? I have much respect for Indian English, but seriously, there is need for common intelligibility here. Just a little suggestions from lil’ ol’ me.

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J made an amazing brunch one day for us. I was seriously impressed and to say it was delicious is not enough. All I know is that he went into the kitchen, closed the door behind him, and emerged an hour or so later with the yumminess above. By that time I was starving. I will be honest, I was wondering what the heck was going on as I was under the impression that he was just going to make us some eggs. You can just imagine my surprise when I saw the plate above. 🙂

Every so often J makes carnitas. About a couple of years ago we decided to try to make carnitas in our crock pot. The results were really good as once the meat is done the pieces just fall apart. Then he puts the meat in the oven for the juices to evaporate and for the meat to get a little crunchy. SO GOOD!

For this fine breakfast he went all out and made homemade salsa and his famous black beans. I personally love his beans, he adds some bacon to them and the results are delicious. So anyway (note to self: stay focused!) he warmed up a couple of corn tortillas, and a built a few layers on top. He started with some black beans, added some left over carnitas, made sunny side up eggs and placed them on top of the carnitas, sprinkled some English white cheddar cheese on top and placed some salsa and sour cream on the sides.

It was a pretty big meal and neither one of us was hungry until dinner time.

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A few years ago I came across a very yummy looking dessert recipe on Epicurious. So I made it and the results were amazing. I have been making these petits pains au chocolat and every time people LOVE them. I have altered the recipe a little, surprise surprise! I had some ground almonds on hand and added them to the chocolate in the middle and sprinkled some sugar on top. The result was fantastic and ever since I have been making them the same way.

So next time you are going to a party or want to make a super easy dessert, these are a very good choice!


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Indi Friday

I am so proud of Indi, she has learned a new trick. This one only took a couple of days. It is a doggy version of downward dog. We have called this one yogi!

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