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Indi Friday

It has been a while since I have posted…good God, where did August go???

Here is what Miss Indi has been up to in the past few weeks.

August 2009 001 (Medium)

Let’s see, there was Music by the Sea…here she is enjoying some 80s music played by Identity Theft

August 2009 023 (Medium)

Then there is the new sleeping arrangement that she has decided upon. Her new thing is to sleep between us at the bottom of the bed. J’s legs are to your right and mine, nearly being pushed off the bed are on the left.

August 2009 025-2 (Medium)

One fine morning I woke up to the most horrible sound of gagging. Next thing I know Indi’s is throwing up her dinner on our pretty bed cover.  She was monitored all day by yours truly.  We didn’t give her any food and made sure she drank water.  The next day she had bland food and she scarfed it down. Man does she love bland food! I didn’t even make it in time to take pictures.

August 2009 035 (Medium)

Moving right along…we went to see two Shakespeare by the Sea plays.

August 2009 062 (Medium)

We have been weathering the hot heat wave. Here is the “Hot” dog, after a walk. Look at that tongue hanging.

August 2009 077 (Medium)

I have really come to the conclusion that dogs are like children. If it is too quiet, they are up to something. This little brat had me fooled for a day or so. She comes inside and somehow there is sand on her. I have no clue what she is up to. Then during one of those very quiet moments I went outside to see where she was. Well, the picture above is what I came upon. She did some digging and made a little comfortable bed for herself. You say why digging? The sand below the surface is cooler and also she got to it the day after the sprinklers went on.  So the sand was moist and cool. So there she is in her perfect little spot under the palm tree…I called it Indi’s oasis.

August 2009 083 (Medium)

Today we drove up the hill to drop off a case of Gatorade for the hardworking firefighters who have been working so hard trying to contain the fires in Rancho Palos Verdes.  It is not much, just a little token to say thank you.  I had an embarrassing moment when I dropped off the drinks. As I was handing the box to the firefighter that came to my car, somehow the bottom of my tanktop got hooked on the edge of the box. As I was handing the firefighter the box  my tanktop went up with the box. Good thing I caught it quickly…good thing I was wearing my bathing suite underneath…it would have been embarrassing beyond words if my tanktop went all the way up.  Oh, I should also add, the firefighter was cute…I must have turned purple….anyway…on our way back down the hill I stopped to take some pictures.  The one above is overlooking the port.

August 2009 086 (Medium)

You could barely see downtown LA. The rest of the fires are where you can see smoke.

August 2009 088 (Medium)

After our adventure up the hill, Indi and I went to the doggie beach in Long Beach to cool down a little. We played there for a couple of hours.  Here is Indi taking a little rest, covered in sand (even on her eyebrows), heaven forbid if she would let go of the ball, even if it is COVERED in sand.

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