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Indi Friday

january-2009-005-copy-mediumIt is no secret that Indi is treated like a princess in every way.  She has all the comforts in life that a dog could have, I would say she lives a pampered life. There is only one aspect to this pampered life that is not very pampered though…bath time. When we first got her she was being washed every week, no joke, because she just smelled after a few days. It took us a few weeks but we figured out that she smelled because her food was not agreeing with her.  My little baby has a very sensitive stomach and she can’t handle too much fat, so we had to put her on a type of dog food that has a low amount of fat. Once we found the right food for her, an almost $50 $60 a bag holistic delicacy made with trout and sweet potatoes, everything fell into place nicely.  So nowadays she gets a bath once a month.

Bath time is nothing fancy. It is as simple as “hose meet Indi. Indi meet hose.” We usually wash her in the back yard as she shivers out of fear that the water might bite her or something.  All this is well during most months when it is nice outside. But in the past couple of months it has been cold.  So Indi and I have been rebelling against the house rules and I have been washing her in our bathroom.  She still shivers and I have way too much fun blow drying her!!!

I think the picture above says it all: “Mommy, can I get out now? Are we done yet? I don’t like this. Is it really necessary to take pictures now??”

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