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Next time someone asks me where I live, my answer will be” I live in H8fornia.”

I came up with the word this morning as I was listening to NPR waiting for the H8fornia Suprime Court to further take away people’s civil rights. But the small victory is that at least those who got married will remain married.

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Protesters for No on Prop 8 have been very vocal since the day after the elections.  There was an article in the LA Times yesterday about the protesters targeting El Coyote Mexican Restaurant. You can click here to read about it.

I personally think this is a classic example of “don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”  I used to live down the street from El Coyote before I moved to the South Bay. The aformationed restaurant is located in West Hollywood.  I went there a couple of times, and let me tell you, their food is plain bad Americanized Mexican food. Let me repeat myself, BAD FOOD which by the way costs a lot of money. So recapping: you go eat bad Mexican food and pay lots of money for it. Did we get that out of the way?

Yet the place is very popular and is always packed. Why is that? I have no idea but celebrities are known to hang out there as well; It is just the place to go. One of the two times I went there one of the actors from Buffy was there with his twin brother. They were both flirting with a girl that was sitting with them and all three were drunk. Which brings me to the next point. The drinks are supposed to be good. Frankly, I didn’t like either of them and the place was too pretentious for yours truly.

In case you were wondering, there are many from the gay and lesbian community and from West Hollywood who frequent this establishment.  I am not saying that harrassing the costumers is OK by the protesters, but what I like to know is: why bite the hand that feeds you?  If you are going to donate money to a controvertial issue such as this, then why not be smart about it and do it anonimously instead of insult a good portion of your costumers? Not to mention taking business away from your parents’ restaurant and financially hurt the rest of your co-workers? All of that for a lousy $100.

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I was listening to NPR this evening and they were talking about prop 8. It was an interesting argument that I had not heard of before. I knew that mostly Hispanics and African-Americans voted yes on prop 8, but I had not heard about it being broken down this way.

If indeed the accusations are true, then I would really like to know where all the money donated to NO on Prop 8 went. I especially find it sad that she received information in the mail to vote yes on the prop 8 frequently, whereas she did not once receive anything encouraging people in her neighborhood to vote no. To think about it, to the best of our knowledge, we did not receive info about neither here in San Peepee.

The interview was done by Talk of the Nation and you can listen and read about it here.

Op-Ed: Why Black Voters Didn’t Fight Prop. 8

Talk of the Nation, November 10, 2008 · Writer Jasmyne Cannick argues that black voters did not join the fight against California’s same-sex marriage ban because the white community failed to effectively communicate with the black community.

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