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It is fire season folks and the fires have been burning with a vengence for the past 24 hours. They started in Montecito and as of right now there are fires in Orange County as well.  The closest fire to us has been reported in Rancho Palos Verdes and as of 12:40pm it is contained and out according to NPR.

It is hot and smoky in San Pedro and the air quality is absolutely horrible. Charlie is here since Mr. Ocifer is out of town with Ms. Witty and both dogs are inside spread out on the hardwood floor. Charlie is chilling under the table right next to my feet and Indi is doing the same a few feet away.

Update 4:30pm:

We took a drive to asses the situation along the coast this afternoon. People were out and about, many taking pictures of the beautiful sun as it was getting ready to set. Others were playing golf on the DT golf course. Below are some pics taken on our drive.



Construction in the old Marineland area

november-2008-178-mediumDriving on Hawthorne Blvd. towards PVD

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