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I have had a raging headache since I woke up this morning and nothing seems to make it go away. Even my face hurts.  Needless to say I am in no mood for unnecessary and loud noise. I have been trying to write a paper and after some effort I decided it was best for me to go lay down and close my eyes for a while. Just as I was getting comfortable I hear this woman’s voice who was clearly speaking through a megaphone.  I wondered what the commotion was all about. The woman was speaking in Spanish and I couldn’t really understand what she was saying.

Little by little the nuisance grew louder and louder.  She was clearly close. I got up and went to see if I could see the source of the preaching. Sure enough there were three women standing across the street from us at the intersection with what looked like a Bible in hand. The woman on the megaphone was going on and on about God, Jesus, the devil, and children.  Good God was she angry…there was way too much bitterness as she preached and yelled through the megaphone.  Is this a new way to attract members?

J called the cops, he stepped outside to give the dispatcher their description. One of the women noticed him and pulled the woman with the megaphone by her sleeve and they proceeded up the street.

A couple of months ago our poor gardener was “attacked” by 3 JWs who were trying to convert him.  They argued for a while.  J had to go out there and rescue the poor man, tell the three JWs to take a hike and let the poor man do his work. Our gardener was visibly annoyed and shaken by the whole encounter. I went outside and gave him some water and made sure he was OK.  For the love of God, 3 to 1?

Every morning the tamales guys go around the neighborhood with their cooler on their back singing their “tamales…tamales” routine. Then we have the ice cream, fruit, and chicarones vendors that go by a few times. The ice cream truck makes its rounds a few times a day and in the summer it actually comes around as late as 10pm. Insane! Then once a week we have the incense guy that sings as he walks to let his costumers know that he is in the neighborhood.

On Thursday nights there is some serious commotion in the alley behind us as people come by with their shopping carts or what ever type of cart to collect cans and bottles from people’s recycle bins before they get collected on Friday morning.  Poor Mr. Ocifer is fed up with the noise.  His bedroom window faces the alley. Not only he has to deal with the sound of the carts being pushed through the alley but also the banging of metal trash bins as they are opened and closed by EVERY person looking for cans and bottles.  According to him this goes on all night.

I won’t even get into the colorful individuals that walk by….one is worth mentioning…a young hippie guy with long hair. I see him every so often walking with his red wine in hand; naturally drunk and spaced out. Indi barks at him and he stops and looks at her with absent eyes as he swings back and forth because he is too drunk to stand still.

I swear this is the craziest place I have ever lived. There is never a dull moment.  San Peepee, as I have started refering to it, is insane, yet, there is a lot about it to like. Most days I like it.

On the brighter side of things, I planted the sunflower above from seed. We had a bunch of beautiful sunflowers. Behind it is our guava tree which is currently full of fruit and smells marvelous.  Every so often the breeze will carry the delicious scent through the window.

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