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I feel as though I am going to eat my way through the next two weeks. YAP! two more weeks and I am done done done! However, in the mean time there is some serious work to be done…mainly 4 long papers to write…

So I am going to do what I do best, cook and eat! J and I have been trying to stay off of carbs but truth be told I am having a hard time staying away when I feel the need to snack on something while studying.

In the past week two mornings I treated myself to pancakes. I wished I could tell you that I made them from scratch, but no, I used the store box mix which is pretty decent. I decided to add some fruit to the batter as it is always good. The first time I had some mangoes (as seen in the picture above) and yesterday I actually used some loquats from our tree (picture below). I must admit, the second experiment was not that great, you could not really taste the loquats. But the mango one was FANTASTIC!

In case anyone knows any loquats recipes please send them my way…we have a tree and Indi and I have been snacking on the fruit here and there.

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