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One of my students my favorite student, the wonderful-awesome-funny-nutty-kind CS, gave me a wonderful gift for Xmas: tickets to see the LA Galaxy on their season opener game against the San Jose Earthquakes. When DB was brought to play with the Galaxy there was, and there still is, such a huge hype about it. I was rather annoyed about all the attention that was given to only one player and left the others, who by the way are wonderful players, in his shadow. To add insult to injury, every time they had their games last fall the area around the stadium, the Home Depot, became so congested and for students who were attending classes during the times that the games were on, it was a nuisance –to put it mildly. How do I know this? Well that’s where I go to school…can you imagine sitting in class listening to a lecture and then all of sudden there is this uproar coming from the west side of the campus? It was beyond annoying.

So anyway, my wonderful student gave me tickets because she and her husband have been going to the Galaxy games for years and she told me that I HAD to see the man in action. So I was excited about going to see a soccer game live because I do love soccer. What made the whole experience even more exciting was the fact that I found out one of my favorite players from back in the days is currently the head coach of the Galaxy. YES!! Rudd Gullit, the man the legend, he who played with my second favorite Italian team AC Milan and was in the same team as my FAVORITE player in the whole wild world Paolo Maldini was here in LA in my school’s stadium. Oh the excitement that I felt about being there, sitting a few rows behind the Galaxy bench and breathing the same air as Gullit.

So the long dreadlocks are gone, the mustache is gone and he totally looks different nowadays. But man was I jolly to be there! The picture is not the greatest, but it makes me giggle every time I look at it. I really hope that he will help make the Galaxy into a kick ass team and take their game to a higher level! I think Landon Donovan is also a very good player and man was it exciting to see him in action! And kudos to the rest of the team as well for winning the game and making the whole experience so exciting. For the record, I lost my voice…it was hard to stay quiet and sit in my seat like the rest around me….hehe 🙂

There is an awesome YouTube video of him which shows what an amazing player he is. It is totally worth watching. Anyway, I can’t finish this post without out sending a shout out to my my favorite boys: Forza Roma my favorite Italian soccer league team and Forza Azzurri world cop champions baby!!!!

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