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Another year has gone by closing yet another chapter for me. There are many things that I am thankful for. There were also many wonderful and memorable events that happened this past year. In a chronological order:

  1. Visiting Death Valley with J and Indi
  2. Visiting June Lake a couple of times
  3. Being credited back $150 by Amex for a bogus damage charge by the lodge
  4. Nosh Cafe
  5. Canoing down Colorado River and camping half way
  6. Meeting Mr. Ocifer and Charlie
  7. Passing the dreaded Comprehensive Exam
  8. Making it through Pedagogical Grammar
  9. All that I learned from Dr. P
  10. Completing my MA in English
  11. Not being kicked out of the graduation ceremony for decorating my cap
  12. The perplexed look on our school’s president’s face when she looked at my cap as she handed me my diploma
  13. Indi’s First birthday
  14. Celebrating my graduation and J’s birthday with a gathering of family and friends
  15. A sauced professor, who shall remain nameless, hugging and grabbing J’s butt
  16. Meeting Donna, Cowboy, & Tess
  17. HM’s birthday *surprise guest* who never belly danced for us and his subsequent participation in our gatherings
  18. A few trips to Idyllwild
  19. Hyper Blue
  20. New awesome windows
  21. The wonderful students that I taught ESL to in El Segundo for 10 weeks
  22. Walks and chats with Barb
  23. Day trips to Matilija Creek including Charlie’s suicide attempt
  24. 2 night backpacking trip to Matilija Creek
  25. Indi the swimmer
  26. Finally receiving my diploma in the mail after administrative issues
  27. Awesome nights spent at the Hollywood Bowl
  28. Yearly camping trip to Catalina Island
  29. Volunteer work
  30. Being allowed to do Independent Study for the two classes that were canceled
  31. Povich’s Pizzeria
  32. Basic photography class at EC
  33. Editing An Experienced Resolution
  34. Almost getting kicked out of the Republican rally for wearing Obama pins and taking notes
  35. Indi Day
  36. Stuffed peppers and Jalapeños with cream cheese
  37. NaNoWriMo
  38. President Obama
  39. November 07, 2008
  40. Barb’s delicious sweets
  41. Nikon D60
  42. The failed jewelry sale
  43. All the comedy shows that we went to
  44. My ipod so I can watch all the cooking podcasts
  45. This American Life
  46. The Story
  47. All HM gatherings
  48. The fabulous Ms. CS
  49. Bread & Tulips
  50. Olive Oil, Garlic, Salt, Pepper, and Broth

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