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J made an amazing brunch one day for us. I was seriously impressed and to say it was delicious is not enough. All I know is that he went into the kitchen, closed the door behind him, and emerged an hour or so later with the yumminess above. By that time I was starving. I will be honest, I was wondering what the heck was going on as I was under the impression that he was just going to make us some eggs. You can just imagine my surprise when I saw the plate above. 🙂

Every so often J makes carnitas. About a couple of years ago we decided to try to make carnitas in our crock pot. The results were really good as once the meat is done the pieces just fall apart. Then he puts the meat in the oven for the juices to evaporate and for the meat to get a little crunchy. SO GOOD!

For this fine breakfast he went all out and made homemade salsa and his famous black beans. I personally love his beans, he adds some bacon to them and the results are delicious. So anyway (note to self: stay focused!) he warmed up a couple of corn tortillas, and a built a few layers on top. He started with some black beans, added some left over carnitas, made sunny side up eggs and placed them on top of the carnitas, sprinkled some English white cheddar cheese on top and placed some salsa and sour cream on the sides.

It was a pretty big meal and neither one of us was hungry until dinner time.

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