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Indi Friday


It is no secret to anyone that knows us that we LOVE Indi very much.  From the very beginning she has been a wonderful dog. We have completely lucked out with her because she has never destroyed anything inside the house.  The garden on the other hand has been a whole other story.  Admittedly, she has done nothing major: a couple of plants were pulled out,  a vase was broken while being taking in her mouth from one side of the yard to the other, a couple of small and shallow holes, a couple of jalapeños were stolen and enjoyed, and perhaps other things that I have not become aware of.

So all of the above mentioned stuff are totally minor.  The BIGGEST issue has been out poor front yard.  It used to be nice and grassy, until….the painters that painted our house broke the sprinklers, then the drought came along, and to top it all off the skateboarders chasing is what really killed it.  You ask how we know it is the skateboarders chasing? Um look at the picture above the grass is gone where she runs after them.

Anyway, yesterday J bought some grass seeds and fertilizer. The grass area is currently off limits.  As you can see above she is sitting right at the edge perhaps feeling a bit remorseful about destroying the grass, NOT!

You ask how we keep her off the grass until we fix this issue? A LONG leash attached to one the poles in the back of the house, as seen in the picture below.  Little Punk!


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