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This morning the orginal post that I published last night was met with a somewhat sarcastic “Nice post.” I was told that my “tone analysis” was way off base and it was not at all accurate. Well, that’s why I came up with the genius TONE analysis.  So I encouraged J to write his own version of how things took place to post along with mine.

So below is J’s version:

Standing in the dairy aisle at Costco:

Woman: “They don’t have mozzarella. We can just use the other cheese we have at home.”

Man: “Yeah we can go through the ones we have and get it next time we are here. We have plenty of cheese at home anyway. Is that OK?”

Woman: “Sounds good. Yeah we do have enough at home.”

Half hour later at TJ’s while checking out:

Woman: “You got Mozzarella.”

Man: “Yeah, I’ve got it covered. I remembered.” Said with great pride with much emphasis on the “I” parts while pointing to self. Actual thoughts: ‘See I pay attention to what you say and try to remember what we are shopping for.’

Woman: “I just thought we were gonna go through the ones we had at home.”

Man: “Oh.” Pause.  “That’s right.” Actual thought: ‘DOH!!  It looks like I don’t pay attention or remember what we are shopping for. ‘

Woman: “I am so glad YOU had it all covered!” Chuckles. Giggles.

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