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The LA Times ran an article about the hard working dish washers and line cooks in the LA area restaurants. Anyone who has ever worked at a restaurant knows how hard these guys work for very little money. It is great to see them transition in the more prestigious positions! To read the article click here

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I just realized today that we have reached a little milestone here: 100 posts since Aglio & Olio first appeared in the Internet world. WOW for me, I didn’t think I would actually accomplish this, granted the majority of the posts are about Indi. It’s all good though, my mom gets to keep track of Indi’s growth from the other side of the planet and probably grow more anxious about meeting her. The poor dog is feared and she has yet to meet her maternal grandmother!

Anyway, something cool happened today. J and I went to pick up our marriage license at the LAX courthouse, which by the way, is a nice looking building right where the 405 and 105 meet.  In front of us there was a gay couple who were waiting for the same thing. I felt all warm and fuzzy inside when I saw the excitement on their face.  They only do civil ceremonies on Fridays, but apprently, in light of the elections they decided to add another day to allow those interested in getting married before the election. I thought that was cool — I am keeping my fingers crossed!

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