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Long overdue post

Meet Cowboy

Meet Tess

I have to be honest and say that this post is long overdue. I have been meaning to post about these two cuties for a while, but I would always forget to take my camera when we went to the doggy park to take pictures of them.I had plenty of opportunities when they came over for Indi Day…even though they are not into being photographed like my spoiled dog.

They belong to Donna who is also one of the authors of the South Bay Pets blog. I used to read the blog before we even met. It was pretty neat to meet her in person. We had been chatting for a while before I knew who she was. Anyway, Donna has been kind enough to feature Indi on her blog a few times.

Our time at the doggy park is always the same. We go in and if Donna is there, Indi has no interest in anyone else. She plants herself right in front of Donna waiting for her to throw the ball –Tess’ ball to be precise.  So begins the the orange ball fetching.  I feel bad because it seems as though Indi gets to the ball first pretty often. The irony is as follows. If Tess brings the ball back, she drops it on the ground for Donna, runs back and waits for her to throw the ball. Indi on the other hand, just sits in front of Donna waiting for her to throw the ball. Here is the funny thing, even though Tess is hanging out in the area where the ball will land, Indi ends up bringing it back. Little Brat!

As this goes on Cowboy, one of the COOLEST dogs you will ever meet with the coolest name, just hangs out on his own going around the park. He then magically shows up when the ball has been brought back. He usually stands just behind Indi and sometimes nibbles on her ear. He will bark if Donna takes too long to throw the ball. Here is the funny thing, he has no interest in fetching the ball.  It’s all about the initial excitement of it all.

These two are by far my favorite dogs at the San Pedro Dog park where we met each other.  They are the only dogs that actually acknowledge me and come to me to say hello. Since they are super friendly and loving they get some serious affection from me too. Tess is just sweet sweet sweet and very affectionate. Cowboy is just mr. cool, the cool guy that you want to be friends with and hang out. Last but not least, Donna is simply awesome. I can’t give her a nickname because her blog is listed on my blog roll and don’t want to take away from that. But if I were to give her a nickname it would be The Lady Journalist.

Here is a video of little Tess hopping around. She recently broke her toe and has been sporting a cast. The current one used to be purple…

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