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October 12 = Indi Day

It was exactly one year ago when we adopted Indi. She was delivered by the rescue group that we got her from on a sunny Friday, October 12, 2007. She was 5 months old at the time and just plain adorable. We had a choice between her and a brindle pit-bull. I was given the hard choice of deciding between the two. When we met both dogs, I spent most of my time with Indi and talked to one of her foster parents. She had spent one month with them and they loved her very much. The only reason they decided not to adopt was because she is a high energy dog and they wanted a mellower dog. J was concerned that I could not handle walking her when she became full grown which they said might be as heavy as 80 pounds.

I picked Indi. There was something about her. Her face was just adorable and she sounded like she would be a good companion.  When she was delivered to our house she came in hurriedly through the front gate and came up to me, licked my toes as she growled, and then went up to J, who was sitting on the steps and licked his face with much excitement.

We went out to buy her some food, and then off we went to the park.  We then came home, gave her a bath and brought her inside the house.  The first time we put her in her crate that evening and closed the door she cried. We worked with her so she would recognize it as a safe place for her to be in by giving her treats and lots of praise. It worked, she slept just fine in her crate that night.

From the very beginning she had her few favorite places to lounge around the house: under the coffee table, her crate, and on the bathroom rug.

It is amazing what a long way we all have come in the past year. When she came to us she had two bold spots on top of her head –we were told she was bit by something and the hair would grow back.  She also had a huge red spot which looked rather irritated and balding on her neck where the collar was.  You can actually see that in the first picture above which was taken the day after we got her. She also had worms in her stool. I thought it was odd since the rescue had picked her up when she was one week old and therefore, had her for five months.

The first week she was here she growled at a lot of people. But she was just fine with us. She seemed to adapt to us rather quickly.

It only took a couple of weeks for her hair to grow back and for the red spot to go away thanks to a cream that we were given after we went to the vet. It took us months to find a type of food that didn’t bother her stomach. She has a very sensitive stomach and can’t handle too much fat in her diet. She is currently on a holistic brand based on trout and sweet potato.  She has been doing rather well on it.

We love having her, she goes everywhere with us. She has been such a blessing and I could not imagine life without her. Truth be told she has taught me so much about trust. It was intimidating at first for me to stick my hand in her mouth or do anything that might set her off. But the thing is that she is so patient and she will let you do anything to her. She is very tolerant and gentle. She has taught me to trust her and that she would never hurt me. Basically, I trust you, you can trust me too mama!

So today in honor of miss Indi we threw a little BBQ and invited her few close friends. I made the invitations with two different pictures of Indi in the front and the wording in the back which were then sent out to her little friends.

The first one to arrive was Tucker, then came Charlie. However, after about 20 minutes of trying to make Tucker and Charlie play nice, Mr. Ocifer took Charlie home.  He was not collaborating today.  Soon after Cowboy and Tess arrived.  Everyone got along just fine playing around the yard or just hanging out with us while we had a nice lunch.  I am bummed that Charlie didn’t get to stay, but as always, it was nice hanging out with Mr. Ocifer, Miss Witty, and Mr. B. It was also very nice to have Cowboy, Tess, and their mama Donna over for the first time. Hopefully, they will visit us again soon!

Donna and I tried to take a picture of Indi, Cowboy and Tess together, but it turned out to be a rather difficult task. But the above picture came out rather well. Indi is patiently sitting waiting for me to take the picture while Cowboy and Tess were not really interested. Do you people believe me when I say Indi is a natural born model?

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