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I am pretty proud of myself, I read 5 books from June through August. I was a frequent visitor of our local library. I was browsing through the mystery books, as I needed something different to read and came across David Handler. I ended up reading three of his books. I like mysteries, but I have to admit after the third of one of his series, they kinda became predictable.

I then picked up a Thousands Splendid Suns which I read in two weeks. It was yet another awesome book by Khalid Hosseini. I loved it, it was amazing and intense. I love the way he writes he just sucks you in. I took the book with me when we went backpacking and pretty much spent a whole afternoon reading. It was the most relaxing experience ever.

The last book that I read this summer I found by chance. I picked it up because it was by a Persian author. I have been reading more and more books by Persian authors in the past couple of years. Caspian Rain by Gina Nahai was a little too much for me. While fiction it focused on religion too much, precisely the tension between Iranian Jews and Muslims. I have had my share of that in high school and I am done with it.  I kept on reading the book in hopes that it would get better…it never did.

I am back for yet another semester of school. I am finishing a certificate in Rhetoric and Composition. I like it and I am enjoying the experience very much. So reading for pleasure is going on a little vacation until December rolls around. I love reading!

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