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Indi Friday

I was once again trying to do Yoga the other morning and this time there were two dogs trying to do poses with me. Tucker stayed with us for a few days while his parents were out of town. It was our turn to return the favor since Indi has gone over at Tucker’s while we were out of town a couple of times.

It is all about group yoga and sharing the mat!

Tucker makes sure that my hand is firmly on the floor…it certainly was not my most productive yoga session but it definitely was a lot of fun thanks to these two fun and silly doggies!

Indi waiting for Tucker to emerge from underneath his blanket so that she can give him kisses and try to make out with him. He has no interest AT ALL. If he could speak he would probably say: “yak! I don’t want to make out with you! Leave me alone!”

And when he does emerge, he comes out as SUPER TUCKER!!! we I have way too much fun with the dogs!

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