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Indi Friday

Meet Charlie Wilson aka Mr. Piggy. Let me just say that he had me at hello…he is ABSOLUTELY adorable and the biggest ham you will ever come across. Anyone who talks shit about pit bulls should meet this dog; he LOVES being around people and getting affection.  Here he is playing peek-a-boo.

So Charlie belongs to our friend “the Ociffer.” I first noticed them walking around our neighborhood around February/March.  Indi would bark when the two went by and one day I started talking to them. I have to honest, the way they walked was what really amused me. The Ociffer was under the impression that he was taking Charlie on walks. Well truth be told, it was the other way around! Charlie dragged the Ociffer. Quite the pair these two were.  By the time they were done walking they were both exhausted.

The dogs didn’t particularly care for each other at first, there was much growling, barking, and a little charging on Charlie’s part. So we left it alone and kept them apart. Then one day we took them to the doggy park and they were fine. The Ociffer and his awesome girlfriend “Miss Witty” went on vacation last week.  Since the Ociffer lives across the alley from us we offered to take care of Charlie. When he brought him over to our place there were some issues so we had to channel in some Cesar Millan stuff as seen in the images below:

We had a slow start, then once the Ociffer was out of sight Charlie didn’t act like a brat. I picked him up in the morning and dropped him off at night.  The second day the tug toy started it all. They played and played an played.

Then on the third day there was chasing each other around the yard and all the silliness that you see on the video below.  SO CUTE. But let me tell ya, while I was glad that Indi had a companion during the day, it was quite the challenge to manage two dogs, because it was always double the trouble. Mr. Piggy officially killed 2 sunflower plants in the front and part of my Cosmo which had just stared flowering. Oh well, you can’t stay mad at him for too long because he is just such a ham and looks at you and makes your heart melt.

Indi and Charlie Wilson playing…this went on and on and on once they actually started paying attention to each other…so cute!

Now you ask, “why do you call him Mr. Piggy?” Well two reasons, he snorts all the time, and the more excited he gets the louder it gets. It is absolutely hysterical. He even sounds like he is snorting when he snores.  And then there is the drooling. This dog drools like there is no tomorrow and you better watch out when he does his doggy shakes because you will inevitably be sprayed with some doggy drool. Last but not least, he is a little overweight.  Charlie will follow you everywhere. You just have to look at him and he starts wagging his tail and looks at you with such excitement as if saying “love me, love me, pay attention to me,” and will just come and collapse right on your feet.

It was fun having him around and it was so cool to see Indi and Charlie play together and finally become friends.  He is such a good dog. At first we were worried about him and the dogs next door who bark a lot. The first day there was a lot of barking from the other side of the wall. We immediately discouraged Charlie from paying attention to them or go near the wall. And that was it, he ignored them just like Indi does from then on. So all went well. The dogs next door would bark and bark when Charlie and Indi would chase each other and play. Neither one of them paid any attention to the obnoxious dogs.  Charlie was also really good in the house, he just hung out with us and pretty much followed us everywhere we went. So cute!

Just in case you are wondering, he is the real things, a blue nose pit bull.   Yap, the ones that people are usually terrified of because of the way they are treated by bad owners and the media’s blowing out of proportion of their attacks. If you ask me, Charlie is a very good ambassador of his breed, when raised in loving homes.  Mr. Ociffer picked him up from the Downey animal shelter in February and Charlie couldn’t be any more loved than he is. Charlie is SO IN LOVE with the Ociffer too–he is just the center of his universe. These two are perfect for each other. There is one little issue though…unfortunately, Miss Witty can’t stand his piggy and doggy ADD ways. But personally I find it all to be part of his charming personality.

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