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Indi Friday

The other day I found a yoga DVD in J’s stuff and decided to try it out. Low and behold comes Indi and decides to give me some kisses since I was down at her level. There is nothing like trying to hold a pose when a dog stand in front of you wondering what the hell it is that you are doing and then decided to lick your face.  As if kisses were not enough, she then decides to lay down on the mat. It was one hell of a funny scenario.  So once I was done, just for fun, I had her do the pose that she knows as “yogy” which is just like downward dog in yoga world.

And then we did the “down” position which can be loosely compared to the child pose. It was not a good idea to share our adventure with daddy late because we got in trouble because miss Indi should have not been allowed on the mat. I am sure we will get into even more trouble when he sees these pictures! Hi J!!! Giggles!!! 🙂 🙂

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