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The beauties above were almost mine. We went shopping while in the hot desert. I immediately fell in love with them and they were actually 50% off. In the back of my mind I knew I shouldn’t because of the “Gentle Giant’s,” aka I only need and own three pairs of shoes, house rule about shoes: you can buy a pair as long as you get rid of a pair. It all started because my shoes are currently stored in three different closets in the house. I contemplated and in the end I could not think about a pair that I would want to give up….and truth be told, the shoes were a half size big. So I gave them up and went across the store and bought J a few shirts instead.

I still am entitled to day dream about them though!!!! I showed J the picture above and he also agreed that they are pretty!!! 🙂 Men just don’t understand how us women feel about shoes. There is a serious dose of happiness that comes with buying shoes. In theory I could buy a pair of shoes and sneak them into one of the closets. But I am too honest and the guilt would kill me.

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