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Indi Friday

Last Friday was truly an Indi Friday! That’s because we went to the beach for a couple of hours. Us humans took our lunch with us while the spoiled dog had a blast with her Chuckit Frisbee and ball.

The amazing thing about going to this beach is the fact that the first couple of times that we took Indi there she was scared of the water and the sound of the waves. The first time she actually run away from us and sprinted back up the cliff almost giving the both of us a heart attack. When this happened we had only had Indi for maybe three weeks. Fortunately, by the time J ran up and went back the same way we had come down, Indi came to him when he called for her. phew!

A few months later we tried our luck again and went to a different part of the beach and she still was scared and not into getting her paws wet. So this time around we brought along her favorite toy and much to our amazement Indi was running in the surf after her frisbee, getting wet all over, and running all over the place. It was AWESOME. We were seriously bewildered by the sudden fearlessness of little miss Indi!

PS. This post is dedicated to Josh. We went where snobby people don’t want us to go and had a great time!!! I have no doubts we will do it more often during hot days! Are we talking about the same place?

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