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I was addicted the first time I came across the website Taste Spotting. To my horror it is now gone. There is only a note on the website saying that because of legal matters the site has been shut down. Tragedy….where are we all gonna go for some food porn now????

Anyway, while surfing the other day on Taste Spotting I was inspired by a post and I wanted to create my own version. I had an eggplant in my fridge which needed to be eaten so I went to work and created the master piece above:

Eggplant, Mozzarella, Tomato, and Basil Sauce Stack

I sliced and placed the eggplant in water and salt for about an hour. J marinated the eggplant in oil, balsamic vinegar, and rosemary over night.

This morning I started with the Basil Sauce which is basically a pesto without the pine nuts. I grilled the eggplants on Georgie and in the mean time sliced the mozzarella and tomatoes.

Once the eggplants were ready I spread some of the Basil Sauce on the plate, placed a slice of eggplant, built up with the mozzarella and tomatoes. I added some of the Basil sauce between each layer. I finished by placing some fresh basil on top of the stack and around the plate.

Note that I didn’t not season the layers as I was building them because my Basil sauce was on the salty side since I added a bit more salt than needed and combined with the Parmesan cheese it was more salty than I wanted it to be. Anyway, the results were very very yummy!!!

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