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So I called a credit card company Sunday afternoon because I needed them to send over a letter for a parental issue that I had mentioned before. I have to admit, this portion of this post belongs to a much longer post which I wrote, but then changed my mind about publishing. Maybe I will some day, but here is the tail end of it which is pretty funny in the skim of things.

I spoke with “Amanda,” clearly from India with love, who spoke a mile a minute. I have no idea what the heck she said. I presume it doesn’t matter as long as the bloody letter is sent to the verified address.

For the love of God people, we all speak English with different accents, so maybe it would be helpful if there is a bit of slowing down in the speech department, you know so we all can make sure that we understand each other. Maybe down shift, to oh lets say 3/4 of a mile a minute….cause you know we don’t interact with people with an Indian accent here on a regular basis so we don’t have the accent down, YET. But we will though. To think of it, I have no issues understanding my friends SK and SG who are both from India. We do just fine, the only thing I suppose is that they don’t speak a mile a minute.

Somehow I have a feeling that one of these days when we call 411 or 911 we will be connected to India or the Philippines. I can just see calling 911 for a shooting in front of my house and speaking with a dispatcher in India who is going to contact the LAPD in San Pedro…lets just hope that there is no miscommunication while the info flies from Pedro to India and then back to Pedro. As far as 411 goes, thank God for goog411 and their robot who speaks American English.

Am I alone to think that this is so freaking annoying? I have much respect for Indian English, but seriously, there is need for common intelligibility here. Just a little suggestions from lil’ ol’ me.

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