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I finally back from my four week hiatus. I wished I could say I have been having so much fun that I have not had a chance to write. The month of May just flew by so quickly. I took the dreaded exam and passed it. Then gave an oral presentation as part of the program. The last two weeks of school were filled with papers. In my case 5 of them. Oh how fun it was! NOT! And finally on the 22nd I walked! It was a long and boring ceremony to be honest. But I was excited to be there for the experience. J and his mom came along, which was very nice. I will let you guess which one was me in this picture taken by J.

You can click on the picture for larger size

My cap decoration was an attention grabber! I was afraid they would not let me wear it during the ceremony. But no one said anything and I got a kick out of wearing it.

So now we should be back to regular schedule and I am going to be posting more regularly. There have been a few food experiments that I need to post about which were really good. One of them is actually J’s, which I am pretty excited about sharing because it was very yummy and the presentation was very delicious looking. I was not joking in one of my post about eating my way through the last weeks of class. I managed to take pictures here and there. I will be sharing it all very soon with everyone. In the mean time stay tuned!

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