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Happy Birthday Indi

Can you believe the little, cute, adorable puppy in the picture above is my most loved 64 pound beast baby? We were told by the rescue group that we got Indi from, that she was born on May 1st. I don’t know how accurate that is but I will take their word for it and celebrate! From what we know they had her since she was one week old until last October when we adopted her. This picture was one of the two pictures that were posted on her rescue group’s website.

Anyway, I really wished I had met her when she was that small. In some strange way, I feel like I have missed out a lot in seeing her grow from being that small to the size that she was when we brought her home. She has grown a lot since then and hopefully, she won’t grow anymore!

Anyway, happy birthday my sweet, rambunctious, silly, occasionally grumpy (now we are officially a grumpy household!), beautiful, awesome Indi!

End of day epilogue

We went to the park in on honor of Indi’s bday today for lunch. Well J and I had lunch and she got a doggy treat hamburger and fries treat from a local dog bakery. Now how cool is this?

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