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Indi Friday


Today is Indi Friday, and ironically, poor little Indi was dropped off this morning at her vet’s office and she will be there for the majority of the day. I am bummed, very bummed right now. About a month ago she started limping and we noticed that she was having trouble with her back legs. We took her to her regular vet and she was not exactly of much help, she just gave her some anti-inflammatory pills. Sounds just like going to a regular human doctor, they just send you off with some pills and don’t really take the time to diagnose you properly. Anyway, a couple of days ago we took her to a new vet. He spent a good amount of time explaining to us what might be going on with her, and that she may have a doggy version of torn ACL or it could be a hip issue. In order to better diagnose her, he suggested sedating her and performing a thorough bone and muscle exam and also take x-rays.

Poor little thing she had to go in with an empty stomach and the last meal that she had was at 6pm last night. Once she comes off the anesthesia we can go pick her up. Poor thing is probably hungry and caged up right now and God knows when she can actually eat because if we feed her too soon she might throw up.

We are both very bummed right now. Of course the first thought that went through my mind was “oh God, we broke the dog.” We have no idea how this could have happened since she is just a puppy and usually these type of injuries occur to older dogs. Could it have been the run along bike rides? I was the one that fell off my bike, so really I should have been the one hurt in this case! Could it have been the uneven lawn where she plays fetch and goes after the ball as fast as a bullet? Could it be from when she freaks out about the skaters and she stands on her back legs over the wall intensely watching them and running back and forth as they skate in front of the house?

So here I am having a hard time concentrating on anything and impatiently waiting for a phone call so I can go pick her up. Please keep her in your prayers and send some good karma her way.

Anyway, here are some pictures taken during one of our fun training sessions. Indi has now moved on to balancing 4 treats! 🙂


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