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I love Spring time, not only because I graced the world on the 20th day of Spring, but because of all the flowers that bloom during this time of the year. I love flowers, even though, I am also very good at killing them. I should also mention that I love it when J gives me flowers!! Hehe 🙂

Our house is filled with a lot of flowers right now. A couple of weeks ago J got me a white daffodil plant that smells heavenly, a little purple violet plant, and a fava bean plant while shopping at the farmers market. How excited was I about all of my little gifts!!!

I also love this time of the year because you can get beautiful small bunches of daffodils at TJs. I usually pick up one or two bunches every time I go until they are out of season. I bought my first couple of bunches this past weekend and they have opened up beautifully. One vase sits on the kitchen window sill above the sink and the other in the living room. Back in the days they used to be $.99 a bunch making them very affordable. To my surprise there has been some serious inflation this year. Generally, one thinks that the price would go up by maybe ten cents or so, but no they went up 30 cents. YES, they are now $1.29, granted, still affordable, but not as good as a deal as before. Now if my salary went up at the same rate as every things else around us….Nevertheless, this is not going to stop me from buying more, especially, when they look sooo beautiful and make me so happy every time I wash dishes.

So Happy Spring to everyone and enjoy all the flowers around us. We should have plenty around here because of all the rain that we have had.

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