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We are back in June Lake! I love this place, it is just so incredibly serene and beautiful. It has been snowing ever since we got here and everything is white white white and gorgeous.  I took the picture above from our bedroom’s window as the wind is blowing and it is snowing lightly outside.

This time around we came up with two friends and have been sharing our living quarters. Even though there are four of us with our respective dogs, in a small place things have been nice and comfortable. There is a lot of “doing your own thing” as well as fun conversations. The boys have been going snowboarding during the day and us girls and doggies have been doing our own thing. Thankfully, this time around the dogs are getting along much better, there is less growling…even though Indi doesn’t give and still tries to give Tucker kisses. He just is not interested one bit!!!

Our morning routing has been pretty fun. Wake up to the smell of coffee made by J, eat breakfast, then the dogs and I have been going for a long walk and play time. It has been a bit of challenge walking the two doggies together; Indi usually is on the left and Tucker on the right. Then there is the occasional pull to the right, left, forward or one dragging behind too busy smelling whatever is worth smelling. We all took a couple of tumbles yesterday at the beginning of our walk when we were still trying to figure out how to walk together in the snow. The ground was slippery and bam! down I went and the poor dogs came down with me. Thankfully, there was no one in the street to witness the ridiculousness of my fall and later attempt to get up while still holding on to the brats!

Once back, as the dogs took naps from their exhausting walk and running around in the snow, I have been pretty much preparing for my mid-term on Monday. I must have written about 60 flash cards yesterday. Music has been flowing in the background. Elena is working on her art stuff. I wished I had more time to go out, write, and just do my own things, but Dr. P. has pooped on my parade…. 🙂

The food this past weekend has been amazing. J, Elena, and I have been cooking. It has been a yummy vegetarian weekend: fire roasted tomatoes and black bean soup, homemade guacamole and chips, cheese quesadilla, leek soup, asheh reshteh, a hearty Persian spinach and noodle soup, and cheese and more cheese with crackers and apple slices.

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