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Ever since I have lived in So Cal I have only bought myself one scarf. I actually bought it right before I went back home a few years ago. It wasn’t a pretty scarf or anything. It was black and too short, but it served its purpose when it was used. A few years later it was borrowed from a friend who needed one for a trip and it was given back to me I think a year or so later. I have never needed or used the scarf in LA because it never gets that cold around here.

Something funny happened last year. During a work Christmas present exchange I received a purple scarf. The timing could have not been more perfect because we actually had a cold winter and I ended up using it a lot. Not only is the scarf a color that I like but it is nice and long, just how I like it!

Then something else happened, my friend Keiko brought me a beautiful pink, white, maroon, and gray scarf from Japan. Oh how much I love this scarf, it is just gorgeous and I have received many complements every time I wore it. It is even longer than the other, and somehow warmer. We are having yet another cold winter around here this year and I have been using both of my wonderful warm and pretty scarves.

Then somehow I received three, yes THREE new scarves this week. The first was given to me by my friend Nicole as a belated Christmas present on Wednesday. I love it and I wore it the same night that I received it and it kept me warm while walking from one class to the other and to my car. So long and soooooo pretty. The second and third were given to me by J’s mom on Thursday. One is green and white and the other is blue and white. She actually made me two because when she asked me what my favorite color was, I, the true to the bone Aries, answered, “I don’t have one favorite color, I have two: green and blue.” These two are different than the other three, J’s mom actually crocheted them for me. And I love them and in the two days that I have worn them, I have received several complements. And they are long long long, warm, pretty, and just awesome.

Amazing how little things in life can just make you sooo happy. I so love my scarves…so pretty, oh sooo pretty! 🙂

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