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I just finished reading the Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. Wow, now this is a novel full of suspense, surprises, drama, emotions, and sadness. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed reading it. I have been meaning to read this book for quite a while now. My friend Barb told me about it a couple of years ago and I also heard about it from other people. I heard on NPR that the book was made into a movie and there has been much controversy about it specifically in Afghanistan because of some of the scenes in the movie. Because of this, the Afghani child actors were taken out of Afghanistan for security purposes. I decided that it was time to read the book and then go see the movie.

This is an amazing story narrated by the protagonist Amir as he grows up between Afghanistan and the US. Amir talks about his childhood friendship with his servant Hassan, his escape from Afghanistan with his father, their struggle to built a life in the US which was a far cry from the luxurious lifestyle of their time in Afghanistan, his marriage to Soraya, and his journey back to Afghanistan after the Taliban had taken over the country. Until the very end I did not like Amir, nor did I feel any type of sympathy for him even when he clearly was constantly tortured by the sense of guilt and demons that he carried with him at all times. He simply was a spoiled child from the time he was born until he was faced with his childhood friend Assef and all the events that followed this encounter. It was only at that point that he stepped up to the plate and finally showed that he was a man. I won’t write much more about the story because I think the book is worth reading.

I enjoyed the style of the writer where Hosseini uses many Farsi words in his narrative. While Farsi is spoken in both Iran and Afghanistan, the language varies slightly. I knew many words that were used, and for some reason made the book much more intimate for me. Many of the Afghani traditions and culture is similar to my own background.

I will write about the movie as soon as I see it!

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