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Indi Friday


A puppy and her blanky

Happy New Year! I can’t believe we are already four days into the new year…ironically, I am still trying to figure out where 2007 went.


The idea and title of “Indi Friday,” I have come confess, comes from Bean’s blog. I enjoy reading his blog and I am so happy that he started blogging again. Every Friday he posts a picture of his bull dog Tator Tot and I always look forward to seeing his pictures!!   

Today’s pictures were taken while Indi was sleeping in her crate.  She loves her pink blanket and she always sleeps with her head on it. It has quite a few holes in it from being chewed, nevertheless, she loves it and mama washes it every week with the rest of her bedding.



Indi and I tried a new thing a couple of days ago.  We went on a bike ride together.  We had a slow start. She always barks at bike riders and skateboarders. So I thought I would dust off my bike and see what happens. To the few that have witnessed my exceptional biking skills on my bike, which is a little too high for me, it will not come as a surprise that I fell…twice! The first time Indi pulled me and I boom I went. The next day I was on an uneven surface and Indi pulled and boom I went again. The bruises on my leg are healing slowly; they now have turned into greenish yellowish.  Nevertheless, it has been fun going biking with her and this is actually a great exercise for her because she ends up running the whole way and by the time we come home she is totally tiered.


Until next time, woof woof!


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