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Lost dog found in San Pedro, CA



The ironies of life…on my last post I ranted a little about my little princess and how she is not a pit bull.  Monday morning Indi and I were on our usual morning walk.  On our street’s corner I saw a dog all curled up sleeping. So I approached slowly and sure enough the dog gets up. She was totally scared and her tale was between her legs. I threw a couple of treats at her and she ate them. In the mean time Indi was not too far leashed to the railing of a gate. So I was going to take Indi back to our house and come out and get this little dog. I was about to walk away and sure enough she approaches us with her tail wiggling. This gave me a chance to take off Indi’s regular collar and run the other side of the leash through it and then put it onto the other puppy’s neck and off we went back to the house.  Poor little thing didn’t have a collar, was dirty and hungry. So we fed her, washed her, and let the little girls play together.

We had the option of taking her to the animal shelter, but we decided against because just in case no one comes to claim her, then we all know what is going to happen. And she is a pit bull mix, so less people are inclined to adopt dogs like her. In the afternoon we went around our neighborhood and posted a bunch of Dog found flyers. As of today we have not heard from anyone.

This is really sad. When we found her she didn’t have a collar and doesn’t have an identification chip because we went to the vet to make sure.  Now how sad is this? I don’t understand why people would actually own a pet and not have a collar for them. Or even worst, don’t have an ID chip. It doesn’t cost all that much only $25 at the animal shelter.

We have named her Onyx. She is really cute, very cuddly, has huge gorgeous eyes, makes a lot of eye contact, her coat is soooo nice and shiny.  She is pushy and wants it her way, but in the couple of days that she has been here, she has realized that such behavior will not work around here.  She is getting better every day.  The only issue that we have is the fact that she is an alpha/dominant dog and snaps at Indi every so often. 

So it has been a bit crazy around here. There is some barking and some growling. We hope to find the owners if they are actually out there looking for her. We can’t keep her and if no one contacts use in the next couple of days we will have to find a rescue group that’s willing to take her.

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