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Does she bite?


The picture above was taken a few days ago while my little puppy Indi and I were out for a walk around the trails. I may be partial, but I think she is beautiful and adorable. She is a seven month old American Staffordshire Terrier mix.  Note: not a pit bull. I have grown rather tired of people who mistake her for a pit bull. She is automatically judged and people think that she is a ferocious dog who will kill them.  I am so over this that I am flat out going to lay it down and say that people need to wise up a little and step out of their ignorance. Firstly, pit bulls look different; second, the reason why pit bulls have a bad reputation is because of their owners; third, showing fear and weakness around dogs is not going to help matters. 

The other day at the park a woman who was sitting on the bench she literally got up and stood on top of the bench when Indi walked up to maybe 3-4 yards from her. She of course asked me if she was a bit bull and if she was going to bite. Hello? Does she think that a dog will not sense her fear and possibly react? Of course, Indi was very sweet and as soon as I called her she came back to me.  My favorite is when we walk and mothers tell their children to get away because the dog will bite. Jon and I have joked about messing with people and pretending that her name is “child eater.”

I have been reading and educating myself about how to train our puppy and be a responsible dog owner. And the more I read, the more I am able to recognize dogs that are not centered and who are not given a structured life.

Raising a dog is no different than raising a child. They need to be fed, taken out for walks so they are exercised, socialized with people and other dogs, trained, given affection at the right time, and monitored for possible aggressive behavior. 

Indi is a wonderful, sweet, vivacious, loving, and adorable little puppy. She has been a blessing in so many different ways. We are very happy that we picked her and brought her home with us. While she is a high energy dog, she is also very gentle and has a lot of love to give. She is a little puppy and needs a lot of structure.  She and I work on her obedience commands every day.  We are also in the process of learning new tricks. She has been known to occasionally chew on her bed, her bowl, and dig in our yard.  But honestly, the reason is not because she is bad. She did all these things when she was bored and left alone without any time of stimulation. Because she is a high energy dog, we take her out on walks on a regular basis and she also loves to chase balls and other dogs at the doggy park.

Indi is really good about playing with other dogs. She plays with all size dogs, small and big. She can play rough with high energy dogs like herself, or she can totally be gentle with smaller dogs such as puddle and Yorkshire terriers.

OK, I am done venting! Until next time, please take the time to train your dogs!


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